Chateau de Versailles
Place d'Armes
78000 Versailles
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Chateau de Versailles

Chateau de Versailles or Palace of Versailles is the the former home of Louis XIV.
The site is a world famous landmark.
The Site was the residence of Louis XIV, his great gandson Louis XV
and Louis XVI married to Marie Antoinette.
King Louis XIV
Louis XIV first knew the location as a hunting lodge.
He fell in love with the location and decided to build a palace
that was outshining every other Royal palace in Europe.

The Palace opened 1682 may 6 when the entire court and the government was moving there.
Among those that lived in the Palace Francois de Villeroy, who had grown up with the King
and who lived at Cremerie de Paris, the place from where are edited.
more about Louis XIV and Cremerie de Paris

The construction of the Versailles Palace resulted in the 1671 sale of Cremerie de Paris
to Leon Pagot et Louis Rouille, two avant-gard telecom entrepreneurs
that started the Telecom activities activities at Cremerie de Paris
which include whitepages for many countries.

1833 King Louis Philipe decided to transform the castle into a Museum.
Today the Palace is a Unesco World heritage site.
It's 63.154 m2 include the Gallerie des Glaces,
the Gallerie des Batailles and about 2.300 rooms.
The parc is 815 ha large.

8 million people visite the castle every year.

Souvenirs of the Chateau de Versailles


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The courtyard of the Chateau de Versailles

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