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The number of France Telecom Directory assistance is 118712. This number can only be called from inside France.
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About France

Jan 2020 France had a population of 65,23 million people (0,84 % of the World Population).
GNP was 3,388 Trillion USD (3.19 % of the World GNP)
making France the 7th richest country.

In France area codes are one digit long, the code for Paris is 1,
the north west of France 2, the north east of France 3
the south east of France 4 and the south west of France 5
followed by a two digit city code
and a six to eight long end number.
Mobil lines start with 6 or 7.

French phonenumbers have the same lenght:
from inside France 0x xx xx xx xx
from outside +33 x xx xx xx xx

From inside France you can call directory assistance 118712 (France Telecom Orange)

The cover picture of the French White Pages shows the Eiffel Tower

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