Eiffel Tower
Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France,
75007 Paris
+33 8 92 70 12 39
from inside France dial 08 92 70 12 39 (0,35€/min)
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Eiffel Tower / Tour Eiffel

The Eiifel Tower is a Telecom and Obersvation Tower
and a universal symbol for technology and for France.
It was built as an entrance gate for the 1889 Paris World's fair / Expo Universelle.
The Tower was very much critised during it's construction.
Since it's first opening 300 million people have been inside the 324 tower.

Gustave Eiffel Gustave Eiffel (1832 - 1923) is the engenier and the architect of the tower.
The construction took two years 1887 - 1889
which was the time when the first White Pages and Yellow Pages were published on paper.

There is also a cultural link between Whitepages.fr and the Eiffel Tower,
the tower replacing the letter "i" of the word "white"
and the letter "a" of the world "pages".
The idea of the logo came up running into Roseline Granet,
an artist and the wife of the grandson of Gustave Eiffel walking her dog in the evening.
The video artist Worldscott has helped to create the logo.

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Eiffel Tower on Google Maps

Point of view on the Eiffel Tower

Point of view from the First floor of the Effel Tower

(1.21 min) Amazing Eiffel Tower Sunset by Worldscott