Meudon Museum

11 Rue des Pierres
92190 Meudon
+33 1 46 23 92 34
from inside France dial 01 46 23 92 34

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Musée d' Art et de l'Histoire de Meudon

The Meudon Museum of Art and History
is a small Museom organised by the Municipality of Meudon
to document the rich history of it's beautiful city
located between Paris and Versailles.

Due to the charisma of its different Majors the city was able to preseve it's historic beauty
refusing real estate programs that destroyed the charm and atteractivity
of many other cities around Paris.

King Philippe Auguste The Museum is located in a building going back to the 17th century
located below the famous Orangerie where the Dauphin, the son of Louis XIV
lived at the no longer existing Chateau de Meudon.
The Museum was established in 1973
by the maire Gilbert Gauer.

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The front of the Meudon Museum

(6.10 min) Le musée d'art et d'histoire de Meudon