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Mont Saint-Michel

50170 Le Mont-Saint-Michel
+33 2 33 60 14 30
from inside France dial 02 33 60 14 30

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Mont Saint-Michel

The Mont Saint-Michel is a tidal island in Normandy
located 1 km of the coast at the mouth of the Couesnon River near Avranches.
The isalnd is inhabited by 50 people. The highest point is 93 m
with a circumference of about 960 m.
The 60 houses on the island are protected as Monuments historiques.

Saint Aubert The first monastery on the island was constructed in the 8th Century.
According the the legend an Archangel appeared to Aubert, the Bisoph of Avranches (670 - 725)
telling him to build a church on the rock.
Mont St Michel is A Unesco World Heritage site.
It is part of the Department La Manche
which has a very active Tourist Office
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Panorama of the Mont Saint-Michel

(1,45 min) The Magical Mont-Saint-Michel: an Island once more at high tide