Before ... Whitepages come online in France and other countries

12 replaced by a 118 xxx Number

The French market for Directory Assistance starts to
be liberalised in different steps.

Directory Assistance via Phone:
Following a 1997 directive from
ECTRA (European Committee for Telecommunications Regulatory Affairs) requesting from all EU countries to open their market,
Scoot is the first company in 2001 to launch alternative
"Renseignements Telephoniques" under the number 3200.

2002 a law suit is filed against France Telecom to abandon
their popular number 12
which results in the 2005 repacement
by a new 118 xxx number operated by multible companies.

118 was choosen in an effort of standardisation,
as Germany and other European countries
were already using 118 for directory assistance
(not 411 like Canada or the US).

2004 Pages Jaunes SA goes public
for a second time logo

2004 July 8 the (at the time in some way "one and only")
French Internet Directory
is again introduced on the Parisian stockmarket,
but now no longer part of Wanadoo,
but as Pages Jaunes SA.
France Telecom sells 43% of the shares
(which could be subscribed for a price
between 13,20 and 15,20 euro per share).

2005 Attribution of new 118 xxx numbers

2005 July 6 ARCEP (ex Art Autorite de Regularisation des Telecommunications) attributes different 118 numbers.
Each of the 27 candidats for directory assistance
can chose his favorite number which is allocated by chance.

The most easy to remember 118 118 is retained
in order not to privilege one single operator.
France Telecom selects 118 712,
because 712 was laready used from mobile phones.
The representative from another major phone company
makes a mistake and by error he choses the wrong number,
.... which cost him his job a day later.

The new Renseignements Telephoniques start operating
2005 November 2.

2006 new Commercials
Many consumers, in particular older ones,
are confused by the quantity of 118 xxx numbers -
promoted with never ending radio and tv ads.
Some regret 12 they had been used to for so long.
And which last not least was known for good quality.

The usage of the Renseignements Telephoniques
Services via operator decline ...
more and more people use the
Renseignements Telephoniques via Internet

pub 118712
pub 118700
pub 118008
pub 118218


2006 France Telecom sells remaining stock
to KKR, an American Investment Firm

since 2006 majority owned
by KKR

2006 France Telecom sells it´s remaining stock
to the American Investment Firm KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co),
a company which previously owned
and later sold the Yellowpages in Canada, /
But KKR is not really a phone company
the also owns supermarkets in the US,
banks in china or breweries in South Korea.
The majority of the former
partly French State state owned ODA / Pages Jaunes
suddenly become part of a
private investment portfolio.


2007 France Telecom launches
a new Directory

France Telecom, the former owner of ODA / Pages Jaunes SA
has known a decade full of wild ups and downs
but it´s new president,
Stephan Richard seams to know
how to get the company back in shape.

France Telecom
France Telecom owns Orange

2007 March 29 France Telecom
relaunches a new French Internet directory
under the address


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