Paris before the Eiffel Tower - at the time the telephone arrived in France
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Phonebook of the

Expo Universelle 1878
When the Eiffel Tower was constructed
- the above picture shows the tower in 1888 -
the telephone was already 11 years old
and a succes not only in the US but also in France.

The International Long Distance Phoneline
from Paris to Brussels had just opened 2 years before.

The Paris phonesystem was administrated at this time
by the Société Générale du Telephone
... but not for very long.

One year later, june 16 1889,
3 months after the official opening of the tower,
the French phone service was nationalized
and came under the control of
the Ministery of Postes et Telegraphes.

At this time the Statue of Liberty
was still in Paris.


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