Before ... 1946 French phonelines after WW2
1960 first Pan European Direct Dialing

1954 In North America it is no longer necessary
to go through an operator to place long distance
phonecalls within North America.

The North American Numbering Plan is set up.

1960 a first Pan European and Mediterranian
Numbering plan was established to make it possible
to place phonecolls within Europe
and around the Mediterranian without operator .
The system was a precursor for today's World phone system.

Two digit country codes were attributed to 40 countries.
Codes started with +20 for Poland and ended with +69 for Russia.

Jacques Marette, ministre des PTT
Jacques Marette,
ministre des PTT

Jacques Marette,
later the French Minister of Postes and Telecommunications
the impact of an easy phone number
and he manages to get the double digit +33 country code for France.

Country Codes under the first System

+20 old country code for Poland (today +46)
+21 old country code for Algeria (today +213)
country code for Poland (today

complete list coming soon
The Pages Jaunes already existed back in 1887

According to the Legend
the General de Gaulle
(president from 1944-1946 and again 1959 - 1969)
considered phonelines in private households
as something not necessary.

1955 France has only 2 million phonelines.
A new phone customer needs to wait 3 years to get connected.

Les Demoiselles du Téléphone (Operators) could be reached
by dialing 11 - they were manually connecting phonecalls.
Impossible to dial a number directly.

1964 International Direct Dialing
In 1964 it becomes evident
that a global Numering sheeme is necessary
including all countries of the World

While the International Direct Dial system is set up.
PTT Minister Jacques Marette
uses his influence
so that France can keep
the easy to remember double digit country code +33

Pages Jaunes = Annuaire Illustre des Fabriquants
France has managed to get a spectecular Country Code

Only 4 countries manage to have a double digit country code
France +33
United Kingdon +44
Brazil +55
Thailand +66

According to the legend
Jacques Marette helped Brazil to get the +55 code

1969 first Moon Landing

Louis Henri Schlumberger with the very first Phonebook of Paris
The Apollo 11 crew
Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins, Buzz Aldrin

Liste des Abonn�s
Buzz Aldrin
photographed by Neil Armstrong

In the US Telecommunications very advanced.
A new milestone is broken 1969 July 20
when Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Mike Collins go to the Moon.
Their adventure opens a new frontier to Satellite communication.

Next ... 1979 The Minitel, ancestor of the Internet