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1990 PTT Laws
all over the European Community

Ministere des PTT

In the 1990s all over Europe PTT law passes
splitting up the PTTs and
seperating the Postal Services from Telecom

Ministere des PTT
French State
has monopoly on
Postal Service
La Poste
Telecom Service
PTT Telecom
1991 La Poste
becomes autonomous

La Poste
2010 La Poste
becomes a
Societe Anonyme
La Poste
1988 France Telecom
becomes autonomous
France Telecom
France Telecom
France Telecom
owns part of ODA
(Ads in Phonebooks)
ODA, Office d´Annonces


From the PTT to France Telecom

PTT Telecom

The French PTT become
- La Poste (postal service and CCP / postal bank)
- France Telecom (telephone services)
including a participation in ODA
(telephone directories jointly owned by France Telecom and Havas)
- the regulation office ART.

1990 July 2 France Telecom becomes
a corporation with it´s own financial autonomy.

1995 October 25 a new numbering plan is put into place.
It creates new capacities for more phone numbers and
ajusts the french phonesystem to international standards.
Directory Assistance is not affected by these changes.

In 1995 France Telecom creates a new brand called Wanadoo.
The name was invented by an advertisement agency.
1996 February 11 the domain is registered.


France Telecom´s rising Internet activities are reorganised
in the Wanadoo Division,
which includes Internet Access,
France Telecom webportals like Voila or Alphapage
the Directory Division ODA (parly still owned by Hachette).

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