Before ... 1889 Construction of the Eiffel Tower /
Nationalization of the Phone Services

1946 Advertisement on French Phonebooks

Annuaire Officiel

1946 is launched advertising on French phone directories.
The Ministry of the PTT (Poste Telecommunication et Telegraphe)
concludes an exclusive advertisement distribution contract
with ODA (Office d´Annonces),
a subsidary of Havas Advertisement.

(ODA already exists since 1896
selling advertisment in printed newspapers)

Official Annuaire de Telephone in 1953
seul l´Office d´Annonces ... only the Office d´Annonces ODA
is allowed to sell advertisement.
Seul ... l´Office d´Annonces

1959 / 1969 President de Gaulle and the Phone

Annuaire Officiel
General de Gaulle
President of France from 1944-1946
1959 - 1969

According to the Legend
the General de Gaulle
(president from 1944-1946 and again 1959 - 1969)
considered phonelines in private households
as something not necessary.

1955 France has only 2 million phonelines.
A new phone customer needs to wait 3 years to get connected.

Les Demoiselles du Téléphone (Operators) could be reached
by dialing 11 - they were manually connecting phonecalls.
Impossible to dial a number directly.

1966 Scetch "22 à Asnieres"

1966 the comedian Fernand Raynaud
makes a famous scetch ridiculising the French Phonesystem.
As it is very difficult to place Phonecalls within France
Raynaud located in Paris
calls a New York Operator
to be connected with a phonenumber (the number 22) in Asnières,
a small town just outside Paris.

Next ... 1964 International Direct Dialing / France gets country code +33